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Ride This One Podcast is a NSFW theme park podcast. There will be talk about roller coasters, sex, life, ferris wheels, alcohol, and everything fun... just try to keep an open mind! Due to the adult nature of the podcast, we strongly recommend that you do NOT let your children listen to this podcast.
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Apr 30, 2017

Drew the Fucking Intern from the In the Loop podcasts exposes himself to the Ride This One Theme Park Community

Among other things we discuss Sea World Orland's Desecration of the Kracken Statue and why Infinity Falls isn't gonna kill someone

Slater and GarBear get all moist about the new Rowdy Bear Mountain Resort and Mountain Coaster cumming to Gatlinburg

McDonalds accidently unvails the name Lake Winnepesauka 500

Drew tells us a story about how Tony Clark got to play a ride attendant at King Island's Mystic Timbers Media Day

The RTO crew continues to bitch about adding VR to Zomonboro Drop Of Doom

Finally in this week's episode we discuss the ineptitude of Worlds Of Fun's Marketing Department with #SlaterSLAYED #NoFBombs

Apr 17, 2017

In this week's episode of Theme Park News Slater, Garbear, Golaith and special guest Mark discuss the following theme park news topics:

New Ferrari Land Coaster opens with a bang

Lego's newest Beach Resort

Tokoyo Disneyland's new investment of $638 Million for a new land

Knotts Berry Farm adds shin restraints to Coastrider

Invadr's opening weekend at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Vekoma's changing image with the new coaster at Lech in Poland

Six Flags Great Adventure adds new stop and frisk for loose objects policy for El Toro and Kingda Ka

Apr 10, 2017

Garbear is camping so it's only Goliath and Slater on this week's Ride This One podcast

Tony Clark introduces us to the new Digital Diners VR restaraunt at Cedar Point

Goliath's experience on Acriphobia Drop of Doom VR at Six Flags Over Georgia

El Boro at Six Flags Great Adventure, T-Express at Everland and Colossos at Heide Park which are all Intamin pre-fab are having technichal issues requireing a special type of maintenance, Colosus at Heide Park is closed all season.

Everland the home of the first ever VR ferris wheel has announced their latest technichal breakthrough, VR T-Express. Since Intamin's are experiencing this recall maybe Everland isn't going to be re-opening T-Express, but make you able to ride it in VR at the world's first first fully VR only Theme Park

Nothing says Merry Christmas like freezing your balls off on Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England as they announce Holiday In the Park.

Disney is returning to their sponsorship roots selling adds to Honda for Disneyland's Autotopia, while slater bitches about Ripping it out.

Slater shares a personal epxerience with the new huuuge station at Silver Dollar City, his theory is that the ride will not have a normal lift hill but will drop directly out of the station 150 feet down into the ravine.
Cedar Fair's Worlds of Fun announces something new...a brand new sign!

Slater's friend from Knoebels crashed into the gate at Lakeside in Colorado causing Slater to talk about La Casa Bonita

Atlantis resorts has announces a new $1.5 billion resort for Hawaii right next to Disney's Aulani Resort on Oahu

Cedar Point, America's Rocking Butter Toast finally teases the new mean streak with a video saying They're Coming


Apr 3, 2017

Garbear's back in the Ride This One studio and on this episode we discuss the following theme park news items

We hear about how Luna Park's $20 Million Dollar plans.

Find out that Slater has actually watched the show Big 10 and he doesn't care they're re-naming it Accelerator.

Slater talks about a park in Goliath's home park Lake Winnie and we discuss their new ride.

Chicago's got a new themed restaraunt, and it's not gang crime, it's a very well themed spy restaraunt.