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Ride This One Podcast is a NSFW theme park podcast. There will be talk about roller coasters, sex, life, ferris wheels, alcohol, and everything fun... just try to keep an open mind! Due to the adult nature of the podcast, we strongly recommend that you do NOT let your children listen to this podcast.
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May 29, 2017

Adam Brechner joins the boys for some theme park depravity, and thank god he did. After Slater canceled on him for the 11th time, we didn't think that he would ever come back. I know you wont believe me after listening to this episode, but Adam is actually straight and married. Trust me, we don't believe it either. Anyways he set all that family crap aside for a night to talk about some theme park news with Slater, Goliath, and Garett. Dont forget to check out his up and coming podcast, Theme Park Families, coming soon to a podcast platform near you. 

In this episode: 

Slater dodges a Boardwalk Bullet

This sexy Raptor

There are some kick ass trains going onto an old sad coaster

Volcano Vajajay

The nitty gritty on the spinny spinny at Siver Dollar City

WTF is with the Mardi Gras Six Flags St. Louis??

And so much more!


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May 16, 2017

On this week's episode Slater's Gay Agenda has been put on hold while he leaves Uncle Kevin, Garbear and Goliath to discuss theme park topics which include

Goliath gets his drop line on at Dollywood

Rocky Mountain Coaster shows off their RMC Raptor track at their plant in Idaho

The guy who gave into his Roller Coaster Tycoon addiction, and chased that dragon for 10 years

Warner Brother Movie World in Australia showing off Mack Hypercoaster

Dwayne the Rock Johnson takes his dick out for Harambe in the new Disney Jungle Cruise concept

RTO Disaster had an idea for a new ride re-theming at Disney World and Disneyland Somalia Pirates of the Caribbean

Erotica World Brazil might need some Viagra to get it to open

We're really excited about their dark ride, It's a small dick after All

Garbear talks about his puffy nipples and that's the reason he doesn't go to water parks

The guys talk about the 4 potential new coasters at Cedar Fair and how Arrow Dynamics will be back with a Giga coaster.

Six Flags on the other hand is buying small parks, unfortunately even they can't make Worlds of Fun profitable.

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils their new money making scheme, the unicorn funnel cake followed by the Unicorn Festival sponsored by Starbucks.