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Ride This One Podcast is a NSFW theme park podcast. There will be talk about roller coasters, sex, life, ferris wheels, alcohol, and everything fun... just try to keep an open mind! Due to the adult nature of the podcast, we strongly recommend that you do NOT let your children listen to this podcast.
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Dec 25, 2017

HOLY SHIT It's part two of our GOLIATH sized Christmas special! Join us again on a daring adventure through the depravity and sketches of Season one and discover some new shit we threw in there too! Happy New Years Bitches!

SEASON 2 Starts Feb 4th!

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Dec 24, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve Bitches!

Join the boys on part one of a VERY SPECIAL two part holiday addition of Ride This One Podcast!

Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we revisit all the fun and sketches of season one!

Oh we made some new stuff too!


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Dec 11, 2017

On the final normal episode of this season, we welcome our intern Chris to the show! Don't get used to him though, since he'll be locked away in our basement churning out sketches for the next 2 years. He says its for his resume, but we are sure he is just a budding coaster-sexual that has the hots for Garbear. Whatever, Garbear likes it. IN THIS EPISODE: 

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Nov 30, 2017

Were 21 ya'll!


It's just Goliath and Slater in the basement this time as GarBear has escaped to Florida for the Holidays.


In this episode S&S takes center stage as we discuss the return of Steeplechase and the embarrassing state of Gale Force and Merlins Mayhem.


We discuss Dollywoods new penis coaster and amphitheater


Gerstlauer has a major come back in the states while Lakemont Parks future is sketchy at best.


Goliath talks about his experience with IAAPA and the sexy new trains he got to feel up.


Slater also shares the true story of Thanksgiving and Goliath eats the Kitchen sink!


This and much much more on this episode of Potty Mouth Podca. . . I mean Ride This One Podcast!


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Nov 13, 2017

Jordan Driver joins us from Hunksville. Hes the sexiest bear coaster enthusiast that we could find. In fact, Jordan has been with us from the very beginning. So, we hopped into his lap and let him take control of this episode with his big sexy arms. We talk about a plethora of junk like:  

Six Flags builds 3 parks in China
Lego Land New York finally gets moving
Hang Time hangs ten at Knotts
Furuvik introduces interactive dark ride
RTO goes VIRAL...Kinda

Jordan goes to Rowdy Bear Mountain.

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Oct 2, 2017

Michael Muldoon from Wild Gravity Travels joins the boys on this episode just to be ravaged by Garett and Slater as soon as he stepped foot in the basement. It's ok, after what Big Boy did to us in this episode, you'll see that Michael got off easy. Michael, or M2 as he is known on the black market, has brought us some juicy details of his coaster past. He also divulges his deepest darkest coaster fueled desires on this weeks addition to the Coaster Sutra. Don't forget to take a spin on the Corkscrew Of Love before you leave. 



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Aug 21, 2017

Tim Wilson FINALLY gets his ride on Ride This One. As the Co-Host of The Civil Gore Podcast, Tim is usually drooling over horror films and bad movie franchises rather than roller coasters. We just had to bring him on the show to emasculate him about his tiny coaster count. We also felt pretty guilty, since The Wilson Brothers have been producing sketches for us ever since we locked them down in the basement. Its only fair that Tim get his turn since Kevin has been on the show like a million times. Come get your Crab Fries ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be one crazy dulcet toned filled adventure. IN THIS EPISODE:


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Jul 24, 2017

Dwayne Kilbourne from Coaster Addict stops by the basement since Slater has a stock of chloroform and a thing for muscle daddies. Sure, he runs one of the best theme park blogs on the internet, but really we just needed someone to pose for April in our Coaster Boy Monthly Calendar™. Dwayne really is a sweetheart under that beefy exterior. He does charity events on the regular, and is currently promoting his CHOA Coasterthon to raise money for The Children's Hospital Of Atlanta. He is also running a GoFundMe for a little girl named Jaime that could really use your help. Don't be such a scrooge! Support the cause today! Besides getting all sappy about Dwayne's giant....heart, we also talked about all sorts of really cool theme park stuff.

Hurler gets higher than Garbear

RMC Raptor test run gets the boys rock hard

RMC knocking it out of the park with 7 new projects

Knott's dirt patch

540ft Miami drop tower pipe dream

When people ask us if we went to D23

Busch Gardens got a permit for Busch Gardens Barcelona or whatever

Goliath also told me to include links for 2 Girls One Cup, One Guy One Jar, and The Cheese grater Raccoon.

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Jul 10, 2017

Mike Collins from Coaster Radio finally joins the boys on the show! After months of infiltrating Coaster Radio's layer, Slater was able to chloroform the theme park podcast host and drag him down to his basement. Mike was a great sport. He gave us a behind the scenes look at Coaster Radio, discussed some great theme parks stories, and even showed us of all of the kinky shit that E.B. is into. Goliath accidentally insulted Mike's mother, so C Pain came and taught the boys a lesson. Good thing hip-hop legend Loop Dog was there to save the day. We visit to the executives over at Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. We also got some voicemails from you fuckers trying to get at Mike's dick, so we had to play those too. 


Owa sets an opening date

Fun Spot is buying up shit all over the place

Stratosphere in Vegas is FINALLY installing that fish hook coaster. Oh wait, they just sold it?

Pirates Of The Caribbean gets even more PC 

Neil Patrick Harris responds to our request about being RTO's announcer.

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Jul 3, 2017
Little Spoon Kenny from Grim Grinning Hosts and In The Loop joins us this week on Ride This One! The theme park garbage man broke out from the sweat shop that makes all of Clint Novak's beanies just to join us for a bit of debauchery. The boys couldn't wait to get their hooks into the unsuspecting bear. After several hours of hot passionate love making and animal noises, the boys were able to record a wonderful podcast that covers all topics under the sun including:  
Six Flags Over Georgia could possibly RMC Georgia Cyclone due to some random nerd seeing some spray paint
Busch Gardens Tampa's plans to turn Sand Serpent into an indoor coaster
Slater and Kenny's sex tape goes viral after ITL leaks it on Youtube
Six Flags plans to create giant cock rings and 5 other record breaking rides
Paramount Park in London drops the Paramount name
Dollywood's Lightning Rod is back open but this time it's running as designed which is up to 10mph slower than it was when it opened.
Phantasialand announces the first launched flying coaster ever designed by Vekoma

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Jun 26, 2017

Jared Sizequeen... I mean Jared Sizemore, aka Valentine, joins the boys for an interesting look into the Orlando theme parks. Oh who are we kidding, Slater and Goliath just blabbed about their trip to Florida they took to ride Dragon Challenge before it closes. At least Valentine was able to throw in his two cents in since he lives underneath Mineblower at FunSpot giving $5 blowies to the construction workers. If you need one, you know where to find him. Randy Ray Redford, Teresa May, and the infamous Mamma Paula also take care of some business on this episode. We also listen to some voice mails that Slater got for bitching out on the Coaster Radio meetup. 


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May 16, 2017

On this week's episode Slater's Gay Agenda has been put on hold while he leaves Uncle Kevin, Garbear and Goliath to discuss theme park topics which include

Goliath gets his drop line on at Dollywood

Rocky Mountain Coaster shows off their RMC Raptor track at their plant in Idaho

The guy who gave into his Roller Coaster Tycoon addiction, and chased that dragon for 10 years

Warner Brother Movie World in Australia showing off Mack Hypercoaster

Dwayne the Rock Johnson takes his dick out for Harambe in the new Disney Jungle Cruise concept

RTO Disaster had an idea for a new ride re-theming at Disney World and Disneyland Somalia Pirates of the Caribbean

Erotica World Brazil might need some Viagra to get it to open

We're really excited about their dark ride, It's a small dick after All

Garbear talks about his puffy nipples and that's the reason he doesn't go to water parks

The guys talk about the 4 potential new coasters at Cedar Fair and how Arrow Dynamics will be back with a Giga coaster.

Six Flags on the other hand is buying small parks, unfortunately even they can't make Worlds of Fun profitable.

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils their new money making scheme, the unicorn funnel cake followed by the Unicorn Festival sponsored by Starbucks.



Apr 30, 2017

Drew the Fucking Intern from the In the Loop podcasts exposes himself to the Ride This One Theme Park Community

Among other things we discuss Sea World Orland's Desecration of the Kracken Statue and why Infinity Falls isn't gonna kill someone

Slater and GarBear get all moist about the new Rowdy Bear Mountain Resort and Mountain Coaster cumming to Gatlinburg

McDonalds accidently unvails the name Lake Winnepesauka 500

Drew tells us a story about how Tony Clark got to play a ride attendant at King Island's Mystic Timbers Media Day

The RTO crew continues to bitch about adding VR to Zomonboro Drop Of Doom

Finally in this week's episode we discuss the ineptitude of Worlds Of Fun's Marketing Department with #SlaterSLAYED #NoFBombs

Apr 17, 2017

In this week's episode of Theme Park News Slater, Garbear, Golaith and special guest Mark discuss the following theme park news topics:

New Ferrari Land Coaster opens with a bang

Lego's newest Beach Resort

Tokoyo Disneyland's new investment of $638 Million for a new land

Knotts Berry Farm adds shin restraints to Coastrider

Invadr's opening weekend at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Vekoma's changing image with the new coaster at Lech in Poland

Six Flags Great Adventure adds new stop and frisk for loose objects policy for El Toro and Kingda Ka

Apr 10, 2017

Garbear is camping so it's only Goliath and Slater on this week's Ride This One podcast

Tony Clark introduces us to the new Digital Diners VR restaraunt at Cedar Point

Goliath's experience on Acriphobia Drop of Doom VR at Six Flags Over Georgia

El Boro at Six Flags Great Adventure, T-Express at Everland and Colossos at Heide Park which are all Intamin pre-fab are having technichal issues requireing a special type of maintenance, Colosus at Heide Park is closed all season.

Everland the home of the first ever VR ferris wheel has announced their latest technichal breakthrough, VR T-Express. Since Intamin's are experiencing this recall maybe Everland isn't going to be re-opening T-Express, but make you able to ride it in VR at the world's first first fully VR only Theme Park

Nothing says Merry Christmas like freezing your balls off on Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England as they announce Holiday In the Park.

Disney is returning to their sponsorship roots selling adds to Honda for Disneyland's Autotopia, while slater bitches about Ripping it out.

Slater shares a personal epxerience with the new huuuge station at Silver Dollar City, his theory is that the ride will not have a normal lift hill but will drop directly out of the station 150 feet down into the ravine.
Cedar Fair's Worlds of Fun announces something new...a brand new sign!

Slater's friend from Knoebels crashed into the gate at Lakeside in Colorado causing Slater to talk about La Casa Bonita

Atlantis resorts has announces a new $1.5 billion resort for Hawaii right next to Disney's Aulani Resort on Oahu

Cedar Point, America's Rocking Butter Toast finally teases the new mean streak with a video saying They're Coming


Apr 3, 2017

Garbear's back in the Ride This One studio and on this episode we discuss the following theme park news items

We hear about how Luna Park's $20 Million Dollar plans.

Find out that Slater has actually watched the show Big 10 and he doesn't care they're re-naming it Accelerator.

Slater talks about a park in Goliath's home park Lake Winnie and we discuss their new ride.

Chicago's got a new themed restaraunt, and it's not gang crime, it's a very well themed spy restaraunt.

Mar 20, 2017

Join us as we discuss the following theme park news items

We hear about the newest way parks are trying to take our money with Fast Lane Diamond Plus

Kalahari Poconos, or what Pro-Slide is really doing

Attempt to talk about Kennywood's 4D theater whatever that is but fail miserably

We find out that Disney think's we are wheelchair bound paraplegicss in preperation for Avatar Land

What should really go into the Geauga Lake location that will open before Skyplex

Slater wraps the show up all by himself.

Mar 13, 2017

In this weeks theme park news segments we talk about:

Elon Musk's plan for Tesla's new powered coaster

Discuss an ex-Disney employee's plan to build a theme park named Whirleygig Woods

What was Six Flags Over Georgia thinking when they added VR to their Drop Tower?!?!

Who's actually buying the All Season Flash Passes at Cedar Fair Parks?

Slater bores us with more talk about Silver Dollar City's roller coaster construction

Have a seat in Slater's new desk chair, a B&M test seat that he thinks is from from Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Gryphon that would make Mike and EB from Coaster Radio Jealous

Listen as Crazy Aunt Sue and Goliath share a story about how you should always trust the locker and never trust someone to hold it.

Mar 6, 2017

On this weeks episode we look at theme park news topics which include
Sea world cuts one of Goliath's favorite things
We discuss Glenwood Caverns's plan to train the next generation of pyros
Pro-Slides something huge coming.
Skyplex, will it ever open?
Meanstreak Refurb with new open trains an RTO Exclusive
We get a visit from a tipster about Disney's new Gondolas
Six Flag China's new MA370 roller coaster with a Jonbenet Ramsey kiddie land, what's your #RTODisaster ride idea?

Feb 20, 2017

Join us on this week's episode

This week we get ours blown at Funspot

See some exciting funspot's version of Gangdam Style

Kings Dominion cheaps out on wifi with the addition of Battle For Kings Dominion

Give us your worst Roller Coaster Super Hero names on twitter using #RTOSuperHeros

Slater finds out that a kiddy coaster has a cock on it's logo.

Anakista, and yes it's another fucking mountain coaster coming to Gatlinbug.

Slater admits to padding his stats and tells us about his Mom's Smiler experience at Goats on the Roof

Experience sexy times with Rosie palms and her 5 sisters at the new microhotel under Mystic Timbers #WhatsInTheShed a fucking microhotel!

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise's new Ferengi ran bar Star Trek POV

Dawnson's Creek Dueling Alpine coaster at Bellewarde. I hope we can see Pacy and Jen themeing.

Uncle Kevin's Kiddy rental tells us about their new venture

Disney gives us some opening dates for Star Wars Land and Avatarland

Conneaut Lake Park comes back from the dead due to Slater's gum and credit whoring petition to add Devil's Den RCDB

Feb 13, 2017

In this week’s Episode:

See how deep our Blow Holes go

We welcome Kevin and visit his freak show

We learn how Vegans earn their Red Wings and if Vegan gay dudes are allowed to swallow

Slater throws a big gay fit about stolen rainbows and we learn what Fun Spot was originally gonna call their new Roller Coaster

We dive into what really happened at Knoebels but not before a British Invasion

We take just the Tip of Dorney and find out why this Podcast even exists

We close this week remembering our dear friend Elaine Jackson who left us too soon.

Jan 30, 2017

Join us on this week's episode of Ride This One Podcast.

  • Silver Dollar City new light spectacular and puke inducing time machine.
  • Sea World's future, Busch Gardens Orlando Sea or Fun Spot Sea Orlando?
  • Will Slater buy a new shit stained seat from Knotts?
  • #DicksOutForTilkum
  • Visits from controversial guests.
  • Disney's new Astronaut Training simulator diaper's are a $12.99 upcharge.

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